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In the lessons I offer, students are guided to complete musicianship through activities including music reading, rhythm, theory, creativity and ear training. These skills are partnered with a focus on performance and technical development to enhance individualized instruction.

All lessons are 45 minutes long with a different rate depending on the payment plan you choose. Each student might have a slightly different amount of lessons offered based on the regularly scheduled lessons and how they fall in the studio holiday calendar. The tuition will always reflect the proper amount of weekly lessons.

Payment Plans

  1. Trimester payment: You can pay for lessons one trimester at a time (Fall, Spring and Summer) and will be charged $45/45 minute lessons. If you choose this option, you will receive an invoice at the start of each trimester, and you are expected to complete the tuition payment by the following dates: 

    1. Fall trimester (17 lessons) is between August 7th – December 15th and will be $765. This payment is due August 2nd. 

    2. Spring trimester (20 lessons) is between January 3rd - May 24th and will be $900. This payment is due January 1st.  

    3. Summer trimester (6 lessons) is from June 3rd – August 7th and will be $270. This payment is due May 29th. It is required that you take at least 6 lessons throughout the summer as part of the Loud & Proud Piano Studio. If the teacher and student are both available for more than 6 lessons throughout the summer trimester, then lesson arrangements will be made. 

Total Yearly Tuition for 43 lessons: $1,935

​2.​ Monthly payment: Monthly tuition is an option but must be submitted to me before the first lesson of each month. This rate is $50/45 minute lessons. It is required that you take at least 6 lessons throughout the summer as part of the Loud & Proud Piano Studio. I will send you an invoice at the beginning of each month and you must have it paid before the first lesson of the month. 

Total Yearly Tuition for 43 lessons: $2,150

Tuition and Policies: Text


Accepted Forms of Payment – Your invoice will be sent via email and can be paid through Venmo to Casey Loudin or a check made to Loud and Proud Piano. If you begin lessons midway through one of the trimesters or the middle of the month you will only be charged for the lessons remaining in that trimester or month.

Late Fee - Failure to pay tuition by the second lesson of the month will result in a $20 late fee.

Summer Lessons - As part of the Loud & Proud Piano Studio, students must register for 6 lessons throughout the months of June, July and first week of August. Even if you do not take advantage of all 6 summer lessons, you will still be charged for these 6 lessons as it is part of the studio requirements. Each trimester works independently which means you can not credit lessons from fall and spring into the summer. You must still pay for the 6 lessons in the summer even if you did not take all of your lessons in the fall and spring. Students who are not residing near the Loud & Proud Piano Studio during the summer may have the option of arranging lessons online. Please let the teacher know in advance if these arrangements need to be made. 

Calendar - The studio calendar is available online through My Music Staff and the holiday dates are listed below. Once you activate your student portal through My Music Staff, you will be able to see all scheduled lessons and recitals. All studio families are required to have a My Music Staff account in order to schedule summer lessons and receive lesson notes. Please be sure to add the dates of lessons and recitals to your personal calendar. If revisions are made during the year, you will be contacted immediately via email.

2023-2024 Holiday Calendar

August 7 - Start of fall lessons

October 2-6 - Fall break (no lessons)

November 20-24 - Thanksgiving break (no lessons)

December 18-January 2 - Christmas and New Year’s break (no lessons)

January 3 - Start of spring lessons

January 29-February 2 - Parent teacher conferences (plan to have one parent available to discuss student progress)

March 11-15 - Spring break (no lessons)

May 24 - Last day of regularly scheduled lessons

June 3 - Start of summer lessons (must take 6 lessons between June 3-August 5)

Annual Books and Materials Fee ($75) - Upon registering for lessons in the Loud & Proud Piano Studio, there is a $75 books and materials fee. This annual fee covers the cost of all books, binders, and miscellaneous items needed throughout the year. Each year that you are taking lessons, you will be billed with the $75 fee to cover books for the upcoming year. The teacher will be responsible for providing the appropriate books and having them to the student in a timely manner.  

Annual Technology and Performance Fee ($25) - In order to secure lessons for the fall, a $100 registration fee is due by July 17th. This will secure the student’s spot for the fall and will be credited towards August tuition. If you begin lessons later in the year then the registration deposit is not required. 

Note: The Annual Fees are required each year that you sign up for lessons and are above and beyond the tuition rate. If a student decides to leave the Loud and Proud Piano Studio, fees will not be reimbursed.

Communication - Open communication between parent and teacher is critical to success in any educational endeavor. To keep communication open and clear, there will be parent teacher conferences once a year. These conferences will take place the last week of lessons in January and will be in place of the regularly scheduled lesson. During the conference, we will discuss your student’s progress, practice habits and any other concerns you may have. Please call or email me directly to communicate any concerns you may have throughout the year.

Practice Expectations - Each student should develop a practice plan that includes at least 5 practice sessions as part of their weekly schedule (similar to other extracurricular activities). Failure to prioritize piano practice on a regular basis will lead to a discussion with the teacher, student and parent to develop a practice plan that best supports the student’s schedule and daily practice requirements. If piano practice strategies aren’t effectively implemented after the teacher, student and parent have discussed, then lessons may be terminated with a 50% refund for the remaining lessons in the schedule. Continuous lack of practice or bad behavior will not be tolerated. 

Assignment sheets are given to students after each lesson as a guide for specific pieces to practice along with suggested practice strategies. This sheet should take priority in practice sessions as it includes detailed assignments meant to propel students forward in their musical journey. Beyond these assignments, students are encouraged to simply sit down and enjoy time discovering the piano in their own unique way.  

In general, students 5-8 should practice around 20 minutes a day. Students 9-13 should practice around 30 minutes a day. Students 14 and up, or students who are preparing for unique performances/auditions, should schedule a minimum of 45 minutes a day. No matter the age, it is recommended to break up practice sessions into multiple parts throughout the day to make each minute spent at the piano focused and efficient. Keep in mind that prepared lessons cost the same as unprepared lessons, but are much higher in value. 

Tuition and Policies: Text


Attendance at every lesson is vital to student success. By paying tuition, you are guaranteed a weekly slot in my teaching schedule. Therefore, please make every effort to keep track of your lesson time and schedule other activities around your weekly lesson. Once you commit to lessons in the Loud & Proud Piano Studio, you are expected to take lessons for the full amount that is listed in the studio calendar (37 regular school year lessons and 6 summer lessons). Once you have paid for lessons, no refunds will be given as this means you have confirmed your spot in the studio schedule (unless you choose to withdraw from lessons completely and receive a 50% refund). 

If a student is absent from a lesson, the instructor is not obligated to offer a make-up lesson under any circumstance. There will be no refunds for missed lessons outside of the 2 excused absences given throughout the year (details in the next section). However, if a make-up lesson is requested at least a week in advance then the lesson may be rescheduled if the teacher’s schedule allows. This lesson may be offered through an online or in person format. There are no make-up lessons or refunds offered for lessons canceled within 24 hours.  

Holidays and Excused Absences - The studio follows the Huntsville City School System and their calendar holidays. This includes the following weeks off: 1 week for Fall Break, 1 week for Thanksgiving, 2 ½ weeks for Christmas/New Years and 1 week for Spring break. In addition to these holidays off you will be given 2 weeks of an unpaid excused absence that you can use throughout the year if you are ill, have a family emergency, take an additional vacation, etc. Once you use your 2 excused absences you will still be charged the remaining balance of future absences. If you know the dates that you will be missing in advance then please let me know and I will calculate the absence into your invoice. If you are not able to plan for your two excused absences in advance, then let me know at least 48 hours before the lesson and I will refund you through Venmo. If you begin lessons in February or later, then you will only have one unpaid, excused absence to utilize until the new school year begins again in August. 

If your lesson occurs on a one day holiday that is not a full week off from school such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day or President’s Day, then makeup lessons will be offered if you plan to be out of town. This lesson may take place in person or online. If the teacher and student are both available then lessons will resume as normal. If a makeup lesson can not be found then you will not be charged for this lesson.

Online Lessons - Unless prearranged for weekly lessons, online lessons will only be implemented when scheduling a makeup lesson for inclement weather, teacher cancelation or a student is sick. Otherwise, please plan to attend lessons in person on a weekly basis.

Teacher Cancelation - Lessons missed by the instructor will be made up at a mutually convenient time. If a makeup lesson cannot be rescheduled, you will not be charged for the missed lesson. I will always try to let you know at least two weeks in advance if I have to cancel a lesson.

Inclement Weather - Anytime bad weather affects our lessons, we will find a mutually agreeable time to make up the lesson within the following month. This may take place in person or online. If there is not a mutually agreeable time within the following month, then you will still be charged for the lesson. 

Lesson Withdrawal and Refunds - A one-month notice will be required if you choose to stop piano lessons. You are expected to pay for lessons in the one-month notice and will receive a 50% refund for the remaining balance of the lessons you have paid for if you paid for the entire trimester. Your lessons may also be terminated by the instructor if tuition balances remain unpaid for more than two weeks or late payments occur regularly.

Tuition and Policies: Text
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